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Call me George
Can someone please clarify which of these tracks are available elsewhere in Morrissey's catalog?

I found this info through google:

>Song Title (source)

> Whatever Happens, I Love You (Boxer single)
> Billy Budd (Vauxhall LP)
> Jack The Ripper (live, no spoken words)
> Have-a-Go Merchant (Boxer)
> The Loop (Sing Your Life Single)
> East West (Ouija Board single)
> Sister I'm a Poet (live)
> Your The One For Me Fatty (live)
> Boxers (single)
> Moonriver (9 min. version)
> My Love Life (normal 7" a-side)
> Bengali in Platforms (Viva Hate)
> Certain People I Know (Your Arsenal LP)
> Last of the Famous International Playboys (7" single)
> We'll Let You Know (Your Arsenal)
> Spring Heeled Jim (Vauxhall)

Is the above accurate? If so, it looks like only the live tracks are unique to World of Morrissey.

My main concern is "My Love Life" (is this the same version available in the CD single box?) and "Last of the Famous..." (is this the same version as the one on Bona Drag?)


Call me George
Nothing on WoM is unique to that collection. All of the live tracks on WoM are from the Beethoven Was Deaf album.

"My Love Life" on WoM is the UK version, not the US version. "Playboys" is the same version everywhere.

See Passions for more.

Thanks a lot!!!

I just ordered Beethoven was Deaf and I already have all of the singles and albums, so I guess I am all set.

Great website, BTW. :)
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