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I still love The Smiths. The songs performed by the 1980s English alternative rock band, like “How Soon is Now,” and co-written by its angsty lead singer (Steven) Morrissey helped me survive (ignore the worst of) my high school years and the days beyond. Though Morrissey’s recently publicizedpersonal politics have forced me to rethink my brand loyalty to him, even so, this summer I plan to unearth my framed 1985 band concert poster from the attic, wipe off the years’ accumulated dust, and wistfully hang it in my academic office.

I have, in previous years and in previous offices, featured the print. When the students who came through looked up and saw The Smiths picture adorning my wall, it usually sparked curiosity and a few extemporized conversations. And, despite really having no deliberate ulterior motives, that was partially the point. ...
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