Worcester/hanover i want to give you my tickets but i am in boston and my tickets are, too


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well, i have three tickets. two are hard ; one is will call .

aggh got a bit excited.

anyway! I DON'T THINK I'll be able to make it . i want anyone to go instead of me. i am willing to call the box office, pretend i'm your mother, whatever it takes to get someone in there . matter of fact, anybody, go up to will call right now, say you're marissa tomkins, see if they'll give you my ORCHESTRA ROW D GOLD CIRCLE ticket / i'm serious. do it . i've seen him a billion times and i am stood up at the last minute and still an hour away, at least. i'll try to make it , but please let me know if you're there and have any idea how to get them to honor tickets that i've bought through stubhub (At considerable personal expense) and am now hoping to just gift away .... maybe i will just call and say that. ok. i'm sorry for yelling , i just hope someone hears me.
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Re: Worcester/hanover! Tonight ! Right nowi want to give you my tickets!... But i am in boston! And my tickets are, too

text me - 617-671-8111
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