Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1988 full video posted at smithstorrents.co.uk

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By moztictac on May 23, 2013 at 3:57 AM
  1. moztictac

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Discussion in 'Downloads / Bootlegs archive (read-only)' started by moztictac, May 23, 2013.

    1. armadillo
      wow!!!!!!!!!! amazing....
    2. Skylarker
      Davie's gonna shit...
    3. DavidA
      Good quality too. Wonderful!
    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Obvious request by some of us who can't/won't use torrents - a youtube upload or mp4 et al anyone?
      Thanks in advance,
    5. Anonymous
      Happy Birthday Moz! Wolverhampton WITH COMPLETE FOOTAGE!!!

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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Thank you - appreciated.
    7. Abrahan
    8. Skylarker
      Like my heart.

      Anyway, fixed it.
    9. markmustb1
      waited 25 yrs to see this ,nice Moz B.D present-ty
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    10. Girlmostlikely
      This is wonderful! This concert was truly a snapshot of a moment in time...ohhhhh only to have been there. I enjoyed watching this very much!

      I have a question... The youtube description of the video, describes it as the "Smiths farewell gig", saying it was Morrissey's present to the fans. This is a nice idea but was not my impression. I was not yet following Moz, what was the word at the time?
    11. Anonymous
      Poor Craig Gannon, so many f-ups.
    12. g23
      You should be kind to Hipster Disco. Whoever they are, they have posted a treasure trove of Smiths/Moz material.

      Funny it should leak on Mozza's birthday. Who released it, I wonder?
    13. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      It was not a farewell gig. It was announced as a free gig for fans on the radio but solo moz was def. accepted at this point!
      I think the ex-smiths were just about to sod off and work with Sinead O'connor if im not mistaken? Anyone?
      I think the needing a Smiths shirt to get in was a gimmic and there wasn't much in the way of Moz shirts in the record shops!
      I have just seen younger me in this video and feel 18 again.
      Whoever snuck into Tim Broads house and liberated this needs a bravo!
      From the heart of my bottom - thank you.
    14. moztictac
      credit isn't really necessary, but what your youtube post got right was the aspect ratio so people don't look squished :)
    15. eugenius
      It's like it's *my* birthday today.
    16. nothappynotsad
    17. Stoned
      What a GIG , just beautiful. Come on Moz ....release it officially!!! It is just perfect
      Cheers Moz
    18. billybu69
      I wonder how many still around here, where there?
    19. Guernie
      Wonderful !! You could tell at the end how Moz was getting weary of all the people grabbing him. About 1/2 seemed to be into the "look at me on Stage" . Thanks for posting it in a watchable way Skylarker .

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