Witty Moz Concerts


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As I am sure we all do, I just love when moz is witty in concert and has fun. I've basically heard two types of bootlegs, one where he just sings, says something in between and that's that. The other, you can really tell he is enjoying himself.. Especially when he makes very witty spur of the moment changes to lyrics..

The one I love so far is

10/27 Hammerstein ballroom

Are there any others like this? I've downloaded a few and they are very hit or miss.. None as good as the one above though..

many thanks as always

Speaking of testicles, I think that one of the best is from 3/5/00 at the Bren Center in Irvine Ca. Not just because I was there, but because it stands out as being one of the best and funniest. As far as witty banter goes, it's pretty up there, and there are a lot of great quality recordings and video of this particular gig. Another great one is from 9/9/02 at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa Ca.
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