Morrissey Central "Witness To The World" (December 10, 2022)

when comparing to their early work, it’s difficult to think of many great writers that have maintained their original form, a loss of vigor sets in, their fans complain.

Obviously there’s going to be changes in a writers evolution, so come the expected complaints from those that prefer a certain style, or more importantly, complaints from those that have identified with an earlier image of what they believe that artist is and what they believe that artist should only write about and how they should write. So with that identification in place, it’s difficult to accept an artist’s later art.
I prefer the earlier work of many artists, and I don’t really listen to their later work, with the two exceptions being Bowie and Scott Walker. But for me, with Morrissey, it’s really about his voice. The other day I was really enjoying Rebels Without Applause, and realized how perfect it was, perfect for me, in that moment, at this time in my life.

Of course there’s the repetition and a change in, shall we say, poetic direction, so subjectivity, taste plays a role in our judgments. But if one can put aside those preferences, they will find that in actuality, all his later work is great, when not comparing it to his earlier work. It’s strange how we automatically compare, rather than appreciating and enjoying what’s new before us, maybe it’s easier to live in a past that’s familiar to us. Though I’m not denying that taste and mood plays a huge part in deciding what we are going to listen to.

today, for me ….



To enjoy what's new before us is the secret to being open to creativity and to being creative.

yes! the listener has both a responsibility and creative role to play, to hear it new, without imposing limitations on the possibilities of what that music has to offer.

Maybe it's guilt, I feel like I'm profiting from his misfortune. Maybe I love him so much that I cant see the bigger picture.

well, not meaning to put it crudely, but the artist is profiting from your interest and enjoyment, so in that exchange, there is some kind of balance. And we all like to feel useful, so there’s that too.

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