With "Vauxhall And I", Morrissey found room to breathe - The A. V. Club Music Roundtable

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By floodzonex on Jun 12, 2014 at 7:17 PM
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    1. C.W. McCall
      C.W. McCall
      "Uncle Steve"?
      Oh, please!
    2. Anonymous
      Can't take it serious when two of em say Viva Hate is better.

      Vauxhall and I is a masterpiece, one of the finest album ever produced. Every time i look at the sleeve i'm in awe, it takes me to some incredible places, some happy and some sad. Im so fucking proud of it.
    3. Anonymous
      I just bought the 2 cd definitive Vauxhaul and I reissue. It is my second favorite Moz solo album just a tad behind Your Arsenal. Love the music obviously but was disappointed that there was no booklet just the cardboard and 2 cds in the package. Was mine missing one or was there just no booklet for this release? I like to have all the credits, lyrics and who played what etc... Can someone let me know if this is the case or mine was missing a booklet.

      Also I have Your Arsenal Definitive 2 disc reissue on order. Does this have no booklet as well.

      Big thanks to anyone who can help me out with some info!

      from Canada
    4. Kewpie
      Please read this thread
    5. Anonymous
      Thanks Kewpie!
      Gave it a read. Puzzled by the lack of info / booklet but otherwise very happy with it so far. I like the mastering better and the bonus concert sold me on it. Does anyone know if Your Arsenal also has no booklet or info?

    6. fredkocherpepsi
      I have the vinyl of both “Your Arsenal” and “Vauxhall and I” reissues. Neither of them have any extensive liner notes or anything. They look amazing though.
    7. Jamie
      It doesn't - apparently Morrissey's standard operating procedure for reissues these days. I believe the last to include musician credits was Maladjusted.
    8. fredkocherpepsi
      It's a bit of a bumout that 1) the reissues don't have more "stuff" in them and 2) certain reissues tamper with the track list. In fact, if I recall correctly, the Vauxhall one is the first that doesn't change the track list/versions at all?
    9. fredkocherpepsi
      Finally read this. It was an interesting read but I don’t agree that “Viva Hate” is “clearly” his best solo release either.

      Also, I had no idea the live set was missing songs. That ticks me off.

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