Morrissey Central "WITH A CAT LIKE THAT ALWAYS ON YOUR BACK WHAT CAN YOU LOSE ?" (November 30, 2020)


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Happy cats?
And so the UK celebrates approval of a vaccine that will prevent about 95% of people dying from coronavirus - oh wait, didn't Mother Nature do that already for 99% of people, and for free?


Let The Bullets Fly.
heard of a nodding dog but never a nodding cat.

I reckon

Hi Keith from Middlesbrough, in their 3 again...... have you lot ower there even heard of soap and watter
Probably not.... you can buy it in £4king land....
Ten bob for two.... knock yer self out slim dick....
I reckon your adopted from Skottland, and have been on probation all your drunken life, and you were doing drug deals with a semi professional football player called Marra4kingonna...
The Cumbrian scum likes Lyndon and Sid , even though Sid over dosed in the Middlesbrough , Chelsea hotel , and all your covid Manky Matalan club card holders, stole his hair , balls n last two maltessers n sold them to the Geordies on E bay ......
Worthless reply full of rubbish from that bin you call a “brain”.

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