Win a Crosley California Son Record Player & Test Pressing - Morrissey Official FB (16 May, 2019)


NB: UK offer, not seen on US yet.

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The record player is available separately in the UK.
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Oh, I want that! I wonder if the combo will be available at shows and then eventually on both UK and US sites.


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hi,for the chance to win a record player and test pressing go to Mporium and enter your details,best of luck
Crosley record players are actually horrible record players. I went through two of them before learning and getting legit player. That being said, the Morrissey Crosley record player has to be a cool collector factor to it.


Got an email saying they are now available for UK/Europe. £175... and £34 shipping!! Not sure where it’s coming from. Still, idiots like me will buy it so.
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