Willie H. Nelson

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Willie wrote his anti war song "What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth" on Christmas Day.
"There was nothing but bad news, and here it was Christmas Day," Willie commented.
"I said, 'There sure are a lot of babies dying and mothers crying,' and (wife) Annie said,
'That sounds like a song.'"
Willie wrote the song in protest of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
They asked Willie if he was worried about backlash from some conservative country music fans,
and Willie said, "I sure hope so. I don't care if people say, 'Who the hell does he think he is?'
I know who I am."


The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Willie and Kimmie Rhodes had played together many times and guested
on each others records. In 2003, they decided to team up for a whole
record and came out with "Picture In A Frame". The record would turn
out to be a highlight in both of their careers.


The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Bein' a life long Jazz fan, Willie joined Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln
center Jazz orchestra on the record "Two Men With The Blues".
The record would go to number 1 on the Jazz charts.
They did a heck of a version of Willie's "Night Life".


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Now, today, tomorrow and always
Miles was a fan. good song to smoke to ;)

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