William Shatner tweets "All You Need Is Me" quote

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By I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer on Mar 31, 2018 at 5:20 AM
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    1. Anonymous
      Methinks Captain von Smirk wants to $&)&@(!)$&&??$()&)((!; Moz like an...
    2. DJCeremony
      Moz is sure to get a kick out of this!
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    3. Anonymous
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    4. Anonymous
      Shatner for next backdrop/cover star?
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    5. mabuk
      Pretty sure someone runs Shatner's account on his behalf. Some odd references to message boards (among other things) that I'm certain someone who's 87 isn't interested in. There's quite a few celebs that hire people to cultivate followers on a daily basis, they then just send the odd personal message. Takei (oddly enough), and others, do this and then get paid to promote stuff to their followers. There was an article exposing this recently.
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    6. Bobbi-B
      You hiss and groan .... and you constantly moan .... but .... there’s someone on the wing .... some .... thing!
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    7. Anonymous
    8. 21punksalute
      Thank you Capt Obvious
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    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      He was quite self-active on Twitter a while back. I think the clue it was him was when he signed posts 'MBB' (my best, Bill).
      The recent activity isn't him - he was quite sarcastic and biting at times.
      Not sure of the context behind that Moz quote - interesting.
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    10. Anonymous
      At Last I Am Borg.
      Kirk Is A Four Letter Word.
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    11. AztecCamera
      He is Canadadaian, fries a Turkey on Thanksgiving outside in a deep fryer, and doesn't live in Malibu, so me reckon Uncle Steve is not his friend.
    12. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      I love the Shatner!
    13. ACTON
      Shatner in his prime was probably the finest looking man to ever have existed. The coolest guy ever. And he always got the girl unless she was mank, in which case he let Spock have her. Top friend.

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    14. g23
      Another old white guy known for ranting about political correctness, SJWs and Snowflakes. Morrissey is only attracting the best nowadays. He may have been Captain Kirk at one point, but he's more Captain Dickhead lately.
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    15. MozRecording
      I now require a classic Shatner cover of this song!
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    16. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      It is not perhaps widely known the true extent of the influence of The Star Trek genre on Morrisseys work - the obvious of course being:
      Satellite of Love,
      Earth is the Lonliest Planet,
      Springheeled Jim (Dedicated to James T Kirk)
      Romulan Dave, and the classic - Billy Borg.
      Others of course:
      You're the One for me Scotty,
      Romulan Ruffians ( Later changed to "Rusholme" in the Deluxe edition as the record label bowed to media pressure amid shouts of racism)
      The Queen is Borg (although it is more widely accepted, she is in fact Annunaki)
      I just want to see the Borg Happy

      He also references the Vulcans and their famous deathgrip:
      Hold on to your Friends
      A Vulcan on my Neck
      Something is squeezing my Skull
      Suedehead (Legend has it is a reference to Vulcan haircut)
      Come back to Vulcan
      Paint a Vulcan Picture.
      I could go on and on.......
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    17. Anonymous
      If lucky you get to hold it at the nearest urinal any day now.

      Greetings from George Michael.
    18. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      You are wrong. The finest looking man ever was not William Shatner, but Clint Eastwood. The jaw drops.

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    19. g23
      I can almost hear his spectral voice.

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