Will Young doing a cover of HKIMN


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Don't know if you've heard about this yet but apparently he's going to do a cover of the Smiths classic and try to make it Christmas number 1....
Yes, I practically hear you gasps of shock, horror and general abhorence...unless of course you've already heard which you may have done in which case, I'm sorry.
Anyway, on the off chance that you haven't heard and you want to try and stop it. Or if you have heard and want to try to stop it, go here http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stopwillyoung/ and sign the online petition.
Thanks for reading this. So sorry if it's been posted before.

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hmmm, id be quite interested to see what sort of slant will young puts on the track


Well he absolutely ruined Light my fire when he did a cover of it so i'd imagine the slant will be "Crappy popsinger attempts to cover a classic".


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well, i would be quite interested to hear it out of some morbid fascination.

but of course we can only be disappointed.


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Wasn't this a bit of a crappy rumour *last year* that someone printed in the Guardian on a "haha wouldn't that be funny".

I seriously doubt he'd ever do it.

Also, does anyone have a copy of him covering *any* Smiths songs? I'd love to hear them.


I'm 99% sure it was a joke Young made in an interview ages ago.

Besides, if he was going to cover a Smiths song, it might as well be one of the weaker, more gimmicky ones rather than one that messers Morrissey and Marr actually like.

AND - why's this in the events thread? Isn't this more of a general type thing?


Wow, speedy moderation. Impressive.

Before anyone says anything about the composers disliking HKIMN...

Johnny Marr said:
There are one or two that missed the mark one way or other but thankfully not too badly or too many. I couldn't really ruin it for someone by naming specific songs. It's not a secret that as good as This Charming Man might be, I wouldn't bring it with me on my desert Island. "Heaven Knows" stands even less chance, and "Barbarism"...ooops!
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