Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars

always liked chris rock but he can take it too far somtimes but will smith would have known that it wasnt personal and shouldnt have resorted to giving him a slap.
There is NO excuse for what he did!

will smith is a gross slimey little worm and i have NEVER liked him.

chris rock took it like a pro. massive respect.

why is a reference to GI Jane so offensive?! because he's pointing out the obvious, that she doesnt have hair? so maybe chris wasnt up to date with jada pinketts hair woes. regardless, there are a lot of people out there with hair loss issues (i used to have hair loss issues from low ferritin so i know) who would look to something like GI Jane to make them feel LESS bad about their hair loss. i cannot IMAGINE getting offended by a comment so innocuous and, to some, maybe even flattering. (really not "taking it too far" re: above comment)

doesnt jada want to seem empowered and wise and modern and with it? and she's THAT bothered by hair loss that her husband is incited to violence over a harmless joke about it? doesnt strike me as too empowered or wise or modern or with it.

and the fact of the matter is the jada pinkett looks GOOD without hair, so it's completely likely that chris rock might've just thought she shaved her head because she favors the look. will smith should've given him the benefit of the doubt, rather than let his fat head get all hot headed and try to play the big man (despite being famously cuckolded) by acting like an unskillful violent dolt.

in fact, i was thinking that jada looks really good now so that when she was younger and with hair she must've looked even better. so i looked up pictures of her young and with hair and she looks a thousand times better now. she should really be grateful to alopecia because it's a huge improvement.
More violence in da hood

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