will NYC happen?


I emailed them but am not holding my breath. Now besides the outrageous "service fees" they rape us with, we have to worry about fluctuating prices. Ugh. Even considering fact that I'm going to be out alot of money, I still hope the show happens. I've been stuck seeing him at large venues as of late, so I was really looking forward to this show.


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I was in a similar position as NYC would have been my only opportunity to see him this year. And with these venues I felt it would have been interesting.

As I am writing in past tense, its clear I don't think the shows will continue as planned or that I will not attend.


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My wife and I were all set to go to the Apollo gig, but we’re not going now. We’d have been flying in from Texas for that weekend, but don’t want to take the risk for something fun, but seriously non-essential.


Has anybody else noticed that the price for a GA floor ticket on ticketmaster (not resale) has gone from $99 to $75? I paid $238 for 2 tickets and now those same tickets are $183. I didn't know they could do that.
They did the same thing last year at Forrest Hills. Of course, I didn't learn my lesson and bought them as soon as they went on sale again...


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Reading the NYC article now.

So, say the number of us fans drops below 500 in attendance - what will happen? D'ya think Moz will have Boz sit out front with a hand-counter ticking off the number of entrants to qualify?
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