Morrissey Central "WIKIPEDIA omits Jane Birkin’s appearance at Morrissey’s Melt-down in 2004" (July 17, 2023)


(Roll on the jokes about Morrissey’s melt-down in 2023)

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In autobiography, M claims he never picked the tracks by the fecking modern bands, Gene , Ordinary Boys and Franz.
As M had done an interview with Franz and said he liked them
And also did a quick sit down interview with Martin from Gene and said he thought Martin could sing.
My guess is he didn't like Ordinary Boys, at the feck all and wanted nothing to do with them and that's why he said that in the book
But they were named after one of his songs and popular . So it fitted the Meltdown vibe .
Also what makes me think M wasn't keen on Ordinary Boys is I heard they only got on Meltdown as people dropped out. Elton John was meant to play, Supergrass were asked and refused and Maya Angelou refused, I think .
I was living in Hastings then and was in Brighton a hell of a fecking lot. Brighton was fire then.
I remember Preston, the singer from Ordinary boys, would go to the Smiths /Moz nights in Brighton.
At one of the nights Preston told a few of us he wasn't happy with M. When Ordinary Boys played Meltdown they were told not to speak to M, if they saw him . I'd never heard of M asking that before. I don't think it was fecking drunk talk from Preston either, as he and others in the band said it in an interview as well.
Also Ordinary Boys played Later when M was on
Prestons story is "I saw M near the stage , so I went up and said "Hi, I'm Preston ".
M said "I know who you are" and that was the end of that "
Preston is definitely not an M type person. Typical Brighton media type. I hear he has spent years slagging M off in one way or other on his social media.
I don't think M was keen on Martin from Gene either, as it fecking goes. There were loads of stories of M mocking Martin in private. Martin would basically stalk M in the 90s and M never let him anywhere near him. Apart from that one interview for Melody Maker , which AW sorted out .
When he asked Gene to play meltdown he made a point of not having them on the main stage . He made them play in the bar , like buskers or something. I was fecking amazed Martin agreed to it. It seemed like M saying "know your fecking place to me " .
At the time I thought it was cruel but after reading Martin attack M in that hit piece a few years ago and about how he treated April, I'm fecking happy M did that .
Yawnnnn, Fecking bore you are.
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