Wikipedia: Morrissey entries doctored


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Wonder if it was a dreaded sunny day?

If so, then it would be appropriate for them to be playing reggae music.

If I recall correctly, someone in the replies asked if Moz was blasting Young Gifted And Black by Bob & Marcia again. Jesse didn't seem too amused. 😅


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Quick! Someone edit Nick Cave's page too

Julie Burchill is back & out for revenge. She's a LOT more scathing than I'd ever be, but she's not wrong about the hack situation.

There are lists circulating of people who pretend to care about social justice issues, but who are, in fact, nasty lying bigoted, pervy scumbags.

I wouldn't like to be in a few shoes when it all starts breaking.

Also if you would like to listen to writers discussing how awful the culture is, this podcast episode is free:

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They couldn’t think of a parody for “Its Not Your Birthday Anymore”? They just skipped over that thinking we wouldn’t notice? Not to brag, but I can think of 19 wacky titles for that one off the top of my head.
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