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"'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful' wasn't written about the band James, 'You're The One For Me, Fatty' wasn't ever about Cathal Smyth, and 'Frankly, Mr Shankly' is not about Geoff Travis.
Who decided that they were?"
- Morrissey, 2020.

👋Waves at Morrissey.


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Yes, but judge John Weaks would refuse to believe him.

And think about all the folks that thought they were so special and that Morrissey would actually write a song about them.

JM would crumble...? 😉


I can't help but notice he isn't objecting to all the stuff in his bio that details why he is a scumbag.


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Coincidentally I was just reading the Pretty Girls Make Graves bit from The Dharma Bums.

It's amazing the way he can take things from all over the place & distill them down into a new thing.

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Well even if they're not excerpts from that 'lost' interview, wouldn't it be fantastic if he did do a few sessions to explain what/who some of his songs were actually about?
Or would that ruin things slightly:unsure:

Edit: No, he'll probably do a book at some point.
"And as always I'm right behind you." :)
Lighten up, Morrissey!
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"And if I seem a little strange..."
"And Margaret On The Guillotine was never about Margaret Thatcher. It's clearly about Margaret Atwood!"

PSA: Asian Rut is still about Asians and Bengali In Platforms is still about Bengalis.


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Does he not realise he can just edit the articles? Oh well, I have done it for him. Nice to see him calling these things out actually, he doesn't very often comment on song meanings.



Mr. Michael Bones.


At least I think it’s safe to say that this is not a Sam post. Maybe it’s clean up time, and Morrissey will now be getting round to correcting all the false nonsense and
wrong interpretations about him regurgitated ad nauseam over the years.

or not.
Thanks for the info. I thought it might of been about the late Michael Jackson.

T. H. Auden

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Quite a delay. What is the source for the quote? Why post this now? And what the h*ll is this supposed to mean, really? This is just like saying "you're garbage" to the audience, I think I must say. Sam is like one of the brothers in the Cain and Able story from the Bible. Sam compares himself too much to his uncle, becomes jealous and is in the process to kill his uncle. In any ways but really killing him. Oh...Kill Uncle!? It's all there, fellas...he's taken that as a literal instruction. Some men put too much emphasis on symbolism


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Overtly literal reinterpretations are rarely useful. A song might be written specifically about someone, but if you have to know who it is about, it's not then a very good piece of art. It doesn't matter whether We Hate It... is about James or Pol Pot, it's just not a very good song -- and neither is Fatty.


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Sinéad has also taken issue with myths today while retracting her retirement.

She said that only US media had respected the requests, and suggested that the BBC, a Canadian broadcaster and the Guardian “might have a look at themselves and learn from this so that no other survivor of violent trauma will be as triggered as I was”. She said, “The hugest misconception (I’m always asked this but never answer of ‘Sinéad O’Connor’ is that she is Amazonian. I’m not. I’m a five-ft 4-in soft-hearted female who is actually very fragile. When people ridicule or invalidate or disrespect or abuse or misuse me on the grounds I suffer from severe long-term effects of the barbaric physical and sexual abuse I grew up with, every time I go to sell a record, a show or in this case a book, it triggers me. I turn back into that hurt child. Or that appallingly treated young woman. And my job becomes something I’m terrified of.


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