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Enjoy sounds organized in time?
Enjoy such things as melodies, harmonies and rhythms?
Then you'll love Why?

Here's a selection of their songs, only 5 but beggars can't be choosers.

The Vowels Pt. 2
Gemini (Birthday Song)
500 Fingernails
Miss Ohio's Nameless
Simeon's Dilemma



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Alopecia is one of my favorites from this year. This video has nothing to do with the song. (A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under) But you can at least
hear the song.

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One hell of a retard.
Alopecia is amazing, actually epic.

Their last album (the almost live one) is fantastic, it's pretty much just songs from their last two albums in a sort of live session thing.
Fatalist Palmistry!


One hell of a retard.
My dead line Geminiiiiiiiiiiiii

Why don't more people know about these hunks?
well you only know through me but still!
It's true. But Gemini is off Elephant Eyelash innit.
Come on people LISTEN TO WHY?
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