Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

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By Uncleskinny on May 26, 2017 at 12:39 PM
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    Quietus article.

    Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

    Morrissey was an inspiration to Martin Rossiter, whose band Gene share many fans with the former Smith. But after years of right wing blethering from Moz, Martin has had enough

    "I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I quietly remained a Morrissey apologist for many years."
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    1. Anonymous
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    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Via The Quietus:
      Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter.
      Morrissey was an inspiration to Martin Rossiter, whose band Gene share many fans with the former Smith. But after years of right wing blethering from Moz, Martin has had enough.

      "Sadly but unsurprisingly, in his statement about the Manchester bombing Morrissey is guilty of dog whistle Islamaphobia. His comment "Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an 'extremist'. An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?" shows that he is guilty of what he claims the media and politicians are guilty of; not saying, "what we all say in private". What is that you are not saying Morrissey? Are you suddenly afraid of a word? An extreme WHAT Morrissey? Go on, spit it out, and say what you mean. He won't though, he's smart enough to give himself a linguistic escape route, and his words are just about vague enough that he could claim he's been misunderstood. He is the coward accusing others of cowardice."


      Heavy stuff.
      I believe Gene have been discussed at length here many times, but I'm sure this will interest Gene fans.

      (Thanks P., your post didn't show up in the similar articles bit I normally scan to prevent double posts).
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    3. Keanu Reaves
      Keanu Reaves
      WTF? Who the F is this dude??? Nobody has heard of him. Gene?? There is a band with such a name??:crazy:

      Moz laughs at this pitiful dude:crazy:
    4. Uncleskinny
      Which just goes to prove you're a right-wing troll here to cause trouble. ANY Smiths or Morrissey fan knows who Martin Rossiter is. The fact you don't shows you for what you are. A musically illiterate shit-stirrer.
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    5. Keanu Reaves
      Keanu Reaves
      The only reason this pitiful dude gets to even write an article for a left wing propaganda crank, is because he knows Moz. Moz maybe gave him the time of day for 5 min back in the day.
      Otherwise nobody know either
      1 him
      2 or his unknown band.:crazy:
      I mean, WTF is Gene?

    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I'm often puzzled by those who are appalled by the line "England for the English" (used in quotes by Morrissey in that song, as Rossiter will well know, but chooses to ignore) while at the same time promoting "Iraq for the Iraqis."

      By the way, anyone who has not listened to Rossiter's The Defenestration Of St. Martin yet, should do so. It's superior to anything Morrissey has released since Quarry.

      An immensely powerful rumination on his relationship with his father...

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    7. Keanu Reaves
      Keanu Reaves
      Dude you are proving your general illiteracy by making outlandish claims. Nobody has heard of them. They couldnt draw matchsticks at a cigar emporium. Maybe they had a no 67 single in some long forgotten chart inside some long forgotten teen mag 45 years ago.

      This unknown dude works as a custodian FFS:crazy:
      Maybe trying to build up steam for a future Kickstarter scam.:straightface:
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    8. Anonymous
      Actually, yiu will find that pretty much the majority of people that visit this site and Moz/Smiths fans that don't, know who Gene is.
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    9. unloveable
      Why Gene is dead to me by unloveable..
      Blah blah blah blah blah blah
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    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Gee, isn't is a little bit crash to say he is dead for him, now?
      I mean, come on, there were other statements before that I could imagine would turn him off completely.

      I guess it must be the bit about saying things in private but not publicly, not mentioning himself publicly what he meant.
      And therefore many people think it is about Islam but he didn't mention it.

      Suggestive, I know but not anywhere near his remarks after Utoya. That was really hurtful.
      I notice there are many critical voices about Moz making outrageous statements and condemning him for attracting attention only for himself and not caring about the victims.

      But now everybody feels the need to respond and they are actually doing the same thing.
    11. Anonymous
      Shut up, Morrissey.
    12. gordyboy9
      just heard on the radio a fan asked gary barlow if he was going to dedicate a song on the next take that album to the Manchester victims,of course said gary,,,,imagine the uproar if he said no.my point is that singers are now dictated to by people who might not be even fans of theirs.social media has a lot to answer for.wish this site would get back to normal or I'm chucking it for good.
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    13. butley
      Somebody make it stop. I'm a Socialist but these bleeding heart liberals make me puke. Why is it racist to put a picture of a black man on a tee shirt and say you empathise? Why is it racist to say it looks as if, ever so slightly, immigration is becoming a problem when nail bombs are detonated by radical Muslims in a concert hall?

      I don't actually think immigration should be curbed to be honest. I think some money should be grabbed, by force if necessary, from the bloated hands of the 1% so working class people and immigrants can live in decent communities in harmony instead being deliberately placed in a powder keg situation to instigate civil war thus distracting the general population and preventing them from identifying the real cause of why the world is such a mess.

      Martin Rossiter is a boring turd and he is now dead to me. That cd single I played twice in 1994 is going in the bin.

      I don't completely agree with what Morrissey says but it is a free country. I don't feel need to put myself in a safe room until big bad Morrissey goes away.
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    14. Anonymous
      I can Understand how he feels. It does seem to getting to a point where I've lost a lot of respect for morrissey
    15. Ben Budd
      Ben Budd
      Gene were a great band, thanks.

      The article is 100% correct from start to finish. I'm done with Steven, I'm sick of the xenophobic dog whistling from a tax exile who doesn't even live in this country anymore. I should have got on the lifeboat with the Farage praise, but I'm definitely rowing away from the sinking ship now.

      I'll always have the memories.
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    16. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      In our western society,
      It's like the difference between a writer and a journalist.
      A journalist writes about the things he thinks the public want to hear. Pleasing the pubic. There is a commercial and marketing aspect too.

      A writer writes about the things the public does not want to hear.
      Displaying the taboo's that are always there cause society in itself is always corrupt and a majority of people are inclined to base their opinions on that of who they think are mighty and powerful.

      That is when he's a good writer and accepts the consequences.
      That isn't easy and most of them wish they hadn't.
      I am sorry if this sounds very bleak and cynical, I don't want to be but to be deceived on once, twice and maybe a dozen time more is making me wary.

      To promise a lot, to give nothing does make the mad man live in joy.
      At least there is an overwhelming ouevre of The Smiths and Morrissey so they delivered what they promised and if I am being fooled by it, so be it. I don't care.
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    17. Anonymous
      I applaud Martin for making his feelings absolutely clear. Morrissey could learn some lessons from him but ..... and there is always a but, is there not? If Martin has held these feelings since, it would seem Viva Hate, then I'm afraid I hold very little respect for him. If he did think Morrissey racist at that time and all of the other times from which he has used quotes then there is no excuse in my book for following someone you believe to be racist for nigh on 30 years. It paints a very poor picture of Martin. A very poor picture indeed.

      I am no apologist for Morrissey. I dislike the clear, right-wing path he seems to be treading but I do not believe him to be racist. Stupid in the extreme at times. Insensitive. Self-serving and many other negatives but racist? No. If I thought him racist I would have stopped supporting him long ago. I wouldn't wait almost 30 years before voicing that view. I am less supportive of Morrissey these days, not because I think him racist, but because I think that his neccesity to be in the public eye, to be a contemporary wit and topical social commentator have proven him to be quite dim. Morrissey (a man who lives in a bubble) has long lost touch with what is and is not real. He seems to have no real sense of how harmful and hurtful some of his comments can be? I don't care if he is right. Sometimes he is but there is a time and a place but it would seem Morrissey cares not a jot about collateral damage He doesn't care because, in his bubble, no-one can touch him. Morrissey is, in that respect, very much like the politicians and royalty he claims to despise - aloof from the real world but able to pontificate on what's best for everyone else.

      As for Martin. I now know where he stands. It couldn't be clearer but on reading his article I now hold less respect for him than I hold now for Morrissey. Martin has by his own words attempted to identify Morrissey as racist yet supported Morrissey - not least of all by actually 'supporting' him. I have no respect whatsoever for those that support what they consider to be racist behaviours. It must be pointed out that Martin, like others before him, has unsuccessfully attempted to use Morrissey's own words against him and is now applying a painful analysis of the word "shelve". Desperate times, methinks.

      To conclude. Martin. You have outed yourself as someone who knowingly, it would seem. supported what you believed to be racist behaviours. Shame on you. Morrissey. Take a leaf out of Martin's book - tell us exactly what you think without ambiguity. If you truly believe in treading a right-wing agenda just come right out and say it. If you genuinely think that Marine le Penn, UKIP etc. are ways forward for humankind then say so. Constantly hiding behind others on TTY, facebook (official or otherwise) is utterly cowardly and the kind of thing say a royal or politician would do. See, you're not so very different from them after all. Shame on you.
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    18. Mr Reynolds
      Mr Reynolds
      I think Martin, like myself, has always felt somewhat uneasy with some of Morrissey's lyrics in the past, yet has given him the benefit of the doubt (mainly due to his persona while in The Smiths). One of the very few times Morrissey chose to display some clarity on the issue was in The Importance Of Being Morrissey, where he states 'Of course I'm not racist, why would I be racist? What would be the point?'. It was heartening to hear him say this. Unfortunately, he then went on after to make statement after statement that once again brought up all the old anxieties only more so. He really needs to state clearly what he means when he says things like 'In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private.' What do we all say in private?
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    19. Musician
      A great post, thank you!

      I don't want to defend Martin, i read his article, one thing as addition that might makes the picture fuller. For many, many years I did what many fans still do here --''oh Morrissey didn't mean it like that, he is being ironic/metaphorical/whatnot''. Then came the last 10 years with his Chinese / Utoya etc comments and now unfortunately talking in ambigious riddles just don't work anymore. Like you wrote, say what you mean - or accept the shitstorm if you're not clear enough.

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