Why It's Time To Ditch Your Morrissey-Loving Friend - The Quietus

Yep. Everything he says is right. Luckily, people who still support Morrissey don’t have friends. Even Morrissey has clearly dumped James Maker for being a Morrissey fan.
The inside out world won't listen. Cool to be thick. Uncool to be smart. Crucified for having an opinion. Run with the fat herd towards the looming cliffs.
I wish I weren't so fat. I would wear my Morrissey sweater everyday with pride. but alas, it doesn't fit at the mo :oops:
if I were the only person in the world who liked morrissey I would not stop liking Morrissey. i would probably just love him more.
You Should NOT Be Friends with Moz Fans, says Article

Why It's Time To Ditch Your Morrissey-Loving Friend - The Quietus
David Stubbs , July 4th, 2019 08:28

New article out and totally full o' shit

What a load of bollocks! Are people really that fickle?

I think that everyone here agrees that Salvador Dali was a phenomenal artist, regardless of his Hitler obsession and his praise for Franco signing death warrants for prisoners. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvador_Dalí

If Dali was alive today and still painting, I'd still go to an exhibition of his. Just like those that go to his museums every year:

The three Dalí Museums received 1,444,853 visitors in 2017. This represents an increase of 5.56% compared to year 2016.

David Stubbs would have us forget Dali. He'd "ditch" friends because they like Dali's work.

You are a fickle swine, Stubbs.
Yes, only a true hypocrite agrees with this article ánd wants to be associated with a Morrissey website on a daily basis.

As I've been saying, its got nothing to do with moral outrage over what Morrissey is saying. Half these people couldn't give a damn what he says. Its all just about the long-standing grudge against him by some here.
The key here, I think, is the first line: "I was never besotted with Morrissey." Stubbs has never had any liking or feeling for the subject at all. He even misreads the Smiths at their height - never mind Morrissey's solo work.

Hence he castigates Morrissey at the end of the Smiths "as an (sic) blousey Northerner trying to bring the values of Alan Bennett into the arena of rock and pop." Which actually seems like a brilliant thing to do.

Funny how Stubbs trots out the "all reggae is vile" line which he has long admitted to being a joke. Then he criticises Girlfriend In A Coma seemingly without knowing it's based on Morrissey's favourite reggae song Young, Gifted and Black.

He also references the National Front Disco without mentioning it was inspired by the left-leaning editor of Granta Bill Buford's book.

Yes, he hated the Diana Ross output of the 80s, but loved the Supremes in the 60s, etc, etc. And so it goes on. All woolly logic and selective evidence. Like labelling theory in action.

Ironically, of course, the very idea that you should "ditch your friends" because of the art or artist they like is entirely fascistic.
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how many times does that asshole have to use the word 'retrospectively'?

Yes. For the sake of their readers, I think it’s time for the Quietus to stub out David Stubbs.

A hack job train wreck of an article with nothing
new being said by Morrissey’s detractors.



The photo that accompanies this article - whether photoshopped or not - says everything you ever need to know about the modern Morrissey.

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