Why is there no boot of 10/26/07 @ Hammertoe Ballroom?


No One You Know
Of all the shows, of all the nights... that one is the one that just HAS to be missing. (I got the mic that night, damn it!) I faithfully/dutifully put up the Atlanta/Chastain show (which turned out to be a hysterical show). I've waited, and now I'm just going to beg.

The 11/19/07 Alabama show would be good, too, as I got to wish my partner a happy anniversary.

Somebody... anybody???


I Know It's Over...
i'm dying to get this boot, too.

i'll pay $$ for this boot even
I believe if you search YouTube you can find videos from 10/26. The boot that is more widely available is the one I believe I posted last week. It is considered the "best" show (it's all relative I know). Certainly if I was at the show, it would be my "best" show!:)
I've scoured high and low for that boot, but have been unable to find. I looked through your posts (and didn't seem to find it). There are indeed vids of it on youtube, but nothing beats having it all to yourself to play from start to end in order without interruption :)


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I'm gonna start working on a dvd collection of youtube clips from the Hammerstein residency so a good audio recording of the show would be most hopefully..work it man work it :thumb:
2007 b'ham beg bootleg nyc stfu
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