Why is the digital album so cheap?


Don't call me Junior
The presale price of the full digital album is only $5.00. Why so cheap? Brand new albums are rarely under $10. Is Moz trying to sell a ton and boost his first week sales figures? From a financial standpoint it doesn't seem to make much sense. The fans who would participate in a presale would be more likely to pay $10 or $12. Why leave that money on the table?
Do people really buy digital albums anyway? Presumably he'll make all his money by fans buying half a dozen different coloured vinyl versions of the same album, CDs, T-shirt bundles, etc. The cheaper download might attract a few lapsed casuals and help with the chart numbers, I guess. Both bases covered.
Maybe because we bought the bundle with album, i don't even have a record player and I don't weat t shirts, under the pretenses i would be promised a code? They probably didn't get it together in time so they cooked up the idea of $5 download/code. I can't argue over $5.
it cheap because it doesn't come with a cd case or cover,same with a lot of video games.
dr statham above,my god what a laugh,loved his character in green wing,boycie always taking the piss out of him,soo funny.
Perhaps it will only be $5 for tour pre-sales purposes? I bought tickets to two shows today, and to do so, I bought one download and one record. (Yielding two magic codes)

I guess I could have bought two downloads but that seemed ridiculous.
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