Why is Morrissey not vegan?



I'm not a veggie, but I would stab this dude with the fork he's stabbing the cows with.
But I also think not every farmer treats their animals like this, you could tell this man would do this to humans if he could make money out of it.

I agree 100% and I'm not a veggie either.....People like this deserve to be shot and that video was the most disgusting thing I've seen for a while.
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It's all a matter of perspective. By avoiding meat, I avoid the guilt of an animal having to die for my dietary pleasures. I'm not saying other people should feel guilty, but it causes me personal guilt to eat meat when there's no reason it has to be done. So for me, missing the dead flesh is worth it.




Haha that's quality :D

I do feel that with the means Morrissey has, it would be ever so easy to become a vegan. If it is true that he said he wouldn't be able to give up yogurt, then he surely could not argue against those that say they wouldn't be able to give up steak for example.

It does seem hypocritical of Morrissey to not be a vegan, but what do we as fans expect. Morrissey is completely made of hypocrisy's.

Without wanting to lead this into a huge debate over the morality of vegetarianism/veganism (we know what a disaster that can be), I'd just like to say thanks to some of you on here who gave me advice a couple of years ago and helped me to become vegetarian. I was vegan for a few months, but on student money it was simply too hard - so yes I am a hypocrite like Moz, but I don't share his means...ANYWAY, thanks guys, it's the best thing I have ever done and my sister has followed suit and remained veggie for the last seven months or so which has amazed me.


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Of course it's his choice to be vegetarian and not vegan. But that is so needless to say. It's Jamie Olivers choice to eat meat, too - and Morrissey condemns him for it. "Well, it's my coice" is no jusification for anything, think yourself before a judge, justifying yourself for a crime by saying "but it's my choise".

Anyway, the thing is, apart from all problems in der dairy industry, it is NOT POSSIBLE, to have a dairy industry (and not even a small dairy farm) without killing animals. The argument that eating meat means killing animals, but eating dairy is just harvesting their givings, which has been laid out here, does not carry you very far.
Think about which animal lay eggs and give milk. All of them? No. Only females do. But to do so, they must produce offspring, and the offspring is 50% male. So what happens to the males? Are they taken as pets? Just fed and left on the grass til they die a natural death? No. They get slaughtered. Meat is a NECESSARY byproduct od dairy production. And it takes very little thinking to grasp this, especially when you act as an animal-welfare expert, which M. does. So, yes, it is surprising he manages not to see it.

Now, you can draw two conclusions from the fact that dairy involves animal slaughter: either become vegan. Or, acknowledge the fact that life and death go together, and that the best we can do is strive to have a small sustainable way of farming animals.

Morrissey, however, does neither one. He doesn't go vegan and he keeps condemning people who eat meat, even if they try to do so in a responsible manner. And that IS bewildering for someone who acts so smart and tells everybody off. Isn't it.
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