why hasn't morrissey toured africa?

No, the puns only show the overall attitude taken to it. Morrissey tours the North America, the UK selected areas of Europe and Once in awhile some countries outside those regions. I know my comment will raise some opposition, but the things said shows lack of knowledge about Africa a continent and the downright stereotypical images an perceptions on this thread.

Think about it, he can't even fill a 5,000 seat venue in most North American cities. How could going anywhere in Africa be profitable for him?

Pun all you want. I think I'm going to take a vacation from this site. Meanwhile I'll hope for the day I can see Morrissey. I don't think he even f***ing comes to Miami.

Why doesn't he go to Miami? Does he have something against Cubans, too?
Maybe he doesn't want Dexter to find him.
I did manage to spread the word in Morocco with some success. :)
Feedback from the locals I met and have kept in touch with has been excellent.
I know very well this isn't a serious thread, but in actuality, there are some African fans, just not enough to make it profitable for Morrissey to tour there. These fans that have the means have had to travel outside of Africa to see Morrissey.

In the late '90s, I hand-delivered a letter to Morrissey, petitioning him to come to the places he's neglected -- the southern hemisphere, namely Latin America and Aus/NZ. The organiser of the petition is a South African of African & Irish heritage, so naturally he wants Moz to sing in his country. About a year later Morrissey mentioned on a radio interview wanting to tour places like Moscow and S. Africa! I was unsure if he meant it as far as S. Africa was concerned or was just taking the piss. It seems the petition was half successful: While Morrissey made it down to South America and returned to Australia and eventually went to Mozcow since the petition, he has yet to tour some part of Africa.
Maybe he just has better things to do? Like baking gingerbread men, for example.
*chuckles to self*

*wonders who could fail to see the humour in this puntastic thread*
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