Morrissey Central WHY HAS COMMON SENSE BECOME SO … UNCOMMON? (July 4, 2020)


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I was reading about something called "cancel culture" in relation to JK Rowling. People say this is a new tendency just because it's happening online. I don't think so. This attitude towards people who think differently existed in too many dark periods of human history with different names: fascism, cummunism, nazism, inquisition, to name a few. It doesn't matter the way their addicts want to justify their existence (from god to welfare state), the thing is that those movements ALWAYS produced the same disastrous results: the destruction of lots of people (sometimes millions) and -paradoxically- the denial of the idea they argued to defend. At the same time those movements ALWAYS achieved the same: they were VERY useful to increase the power of those who held it. Please, think twice before transform yourself into a useful idiot.


Is there someone on here going by the name "All Saints" or "allsaints" or something similar?
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