Why do YOU not have freedom of speech? Or freedom to wear a badge on TV? - @officalmoz / Twitter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexi, Jun 15, 2019.

By Alexi on Jun 15, 2019 at 4:13 PM
  1. Alexi

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    Mar 9, 2018
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexi, Jun 15, 2019.

    1. Uncleskinny
      As people have already commented on many many occasions on that Tweet - he has the freedom to wear a badge, and others have the freedom to criticise him for it.That's how freedom of speech works, but he seems to think it's only freedom of speech if people don't get to criticise him.

      He's only mad because his revenue is falling for supporting fascists. Tough. People vote with their money.
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    2. NealCassidy
    3. Anonymous
      Mate ; you are becoming an embarrassment.
      Go and spend some time with your family.
      How do you explain to them your infatuation with a man who you ( claim to ) hate ?
    4. Surface
      First responses on twitter - he really needs to shut the fuck up.
        1. Nobody banned you from wearing your little badge ffs. You were granted the freedom to wear it and others have the freedom to call you a dick for doing so.

          Who hurt Morrissey?

          Morrissey did

        2. You do have the freedom to wear the badge, just deal with the consequences when you
          You were free to wear it. And you did wear it. We’re now free to take you at your word.

        3. When you support Fascists don’t be surprised when they rest of us ‘don’t get it’.
        1. No one has prohibited you from doing it. We’re just calling you out for being a bit dodgy politically
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    5. Anonymous
      he is whining because he dropped out of top 60 album charts after only two weeks. 61 , mate
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    6. Anonymous
    7. Anonymous
      Same with the so called ban on posting videos and pictures online from muslim terror attacks. There is no such ban and when it goes to the highest courts for ruling people are freed. They have taken it so far people believe they cannot post pictures from the NZ attack to question it but you can and that is freedom of speech and that still applies.
      Moz is making a statement here that none of those things are banned or a violation and when media report that people have been arrested they never follow up the story and write about the same people being released and the case ending up in the bin.
      We are allowed to post pictures and videos and comments on whatever we feel like as long as they don't threaten someone with murder or violence or contain info about peoples name and address.
      Moz hits home a very important point here and what he means is that it is not forbidden and will not hold in court so you can wear pins and badges and post pictures and videos online.
      But the attempt to fool the public to believe those things are banned works cause many out there are weak and badly educated. Even using the nazi swastika is not banned and it will not result in you being locked up and many are the cases where the accused has been free to walk away.
      We still have a court system that defends free speech for however long that lasts.
    8. Eldritch
      Of all the possible crimes, being boring might be an even worse one than supporting a far right organisation.
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    9. Anonymous
      So are you the speaker of the public court or something and do you believe that using violence against someone wearing a pin is justified?

      Do you realise that if you use violence you get locked up and will lose your home and job and work?

      You would not dare to lose what you have so therefor you end up posting things online and do nothing in real life.
    10. Anonymous
      Surface ticks all the boxes and of all the people here is the one I despise the most. Never a sentence worth reading or taking seriously. Empty barrel makes a hell of a noise.
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    11. Uncleskinny
      Who mentioned violence, other than you?
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    12. Surface
      Good! Why not put me on ignore?
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    13. Trill
      Big supporter of you. You make very good points all the time. But calling someone a retard isn’t cool. Up to you, obviously.
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    14. Surface
      Fair point deleted it now, just can’t understand how someone could talk about violence when it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the post?
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    15. Anonymous
      Will poor Morrissey ever have the freedom to speak his mind or wear a tacky badge? Wait a second...

      ...and in real music news - California Son was released a couple of weeks back. Came and went pretty quickly, didn’t it?

      I hear it’s still top-5 in Liberia though!
    16. Trill
      Totally agree. And thanks for being a decent person.
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    17. Frenzied
      Morrissey, dear, you and people like you have free speech. You can wear any badge you choose and have plenty of platforms to express your views. No one is stopping you from doing or saying or wearing whatever you want.
      You just don't like the reaction.
      Just because crowds of people aren't screaming you're the smartest boy in the world, you sulk and sigh and say you are being oppressed. :rolleyes:
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    18. Surface
      Can you point to where i mention violence?
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    19. Anonymous
      I still don’t know who I think actually tweets these things though? I really doubt it’s Morrissey himself, more likely Sam or Peter Catpiss, no? Regardless, his recent social media is just like his mouth: full of shit.
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