"Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey

I was reviewing the gig last night and managed to run into the man himself as well -as a lifelong fan it was quite the occasion so I'm glad I got a picture to go with it :)

Full account is detailed here:
"Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey - Stop The Lights

Read and enjoy :)

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Give us more details! What did he say when you asked for the photo? Was there a queue of people just waiting for photos? any snippets of overheard conversation?
It was early in the night, I don't think he was there that long - Squarehead had just started their set. He was at the very back of the venue, which is quite small in itself, and he was with two friends. There was no one else around him so I approached and asked for a photo, he didn't really say much at all to be honest - it was quite loud so it was hard to be heard but he was very polite and said yes. My girlfriend took the picture but it was blurry so we had to take another one, which thankfully he was fine with. I then shook his hand and told him how big a fan I was etc etc and he just kind of nodded without saying much before I departed. Short but polite is how I'd describe the encounter - I'm sure he just wanted to see the band but fair play to him for stopping for a picture :)
Congratulations! Also, well-written.

On a shallow note: "...tall, with a healthy glow and an almost boxer-like physique"--I like your description of him.
If this photo were a facebook post, Morrissey seems to "like" standing with this nice young man. :thumb:
Thanks for the kind words everyone! :) He's still in Dublin apparently, few spottings around the place via twitter
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Lovely. What a wonderful day for you as well. You've just accomplished what most of us will spend our lives dreaming of.

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