Why do we allow anonymous posts like this?

yes that's a possibility, I guess? Think David was saying that regular members can gang up on one member, but if you read my post to him, I mention that positive ratings toward that same post would counteract the negative votes, and so not erase the offensive post. Or at least, after 5 or more downratings the post will be 'hidden' and then David can decide to or not to erase it.

Again, I'm not complaining, I easily ignore those posts or reply to them in a nonsensical way, in other words .. I couldn't care less and I'm having fun doing it. At the moment I have one member on 'ignore' which works great. And yes, agree, David is boss, and if I or anyone doesn't like this site.. they can leave. :thumb:

How do we know when you're intentionally nonsensical?
*Facepalm* It wasn't humorous, let alone actually funny, the first time you said it (years and years and years ago) and it certainly hasn't become funny with repetition. You're no Stewart Lee. It's actually almost more tedious than the endless posts you make about Radio 2 airplay and your evaluations of his session-musicians' songwriting and musicianship; quite an accomplishment, all things considered. Just f***ing shut up."

This is a little bit sinister. A little boy sitting at his computer, posting anonymously, acting like a stalker, whose sole aim is to throw abuse at a named user.
Could the moderator who allowed this please explain why it was allowed?
This little person is following people for years and years, slagging them off with personal abuse. The sole aim of his post. It's incredibly cowardly. How can anonymous posters be allowed to do this?
Surely a moderator's job is not to allow these kinds of posts?
Please explain.

We're all anonymous on here, even you ''Maurice E Maher'', who are you exactly, what do you look like, where do you live, how old are you, how many kids you got, when did you last take a shit?
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