Why are Smiths/Mozza boxsets so boring?


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Wandering around HMV in Oxford yesterday, I couldn't help noticing how many exciting looking boxsets there are available from all types of artists. Most include unreleased recordings and exclusive books/programs. And I can't help thinking how uninspired all the Smiths/Morrissey boxsets have been with the exception of the Viva Hate promo boxset but that doesn't count because that wasn't sold to the general public. Even Rhino made minimum effort with the Smiths 7" & cd single boxsets

Obviously this is just my opinion, but wouldn't it be great if Moz released a decent boxset which made us collectors actual excited by it's release?


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i agree,many bands have collected their radio recordings and released them in their entirity eg.the jam,siouxsie etc etc and they are a wonderful snapshot of these bands at different times in their careers,i would like to see the smiths do the same as i feel their live act has been ignored somewhat eg only 1 live album,various live tracks around various releases,i have many releases by rhino and i am impressed by them


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I reckon it's to do with Morrissey's turbulent relationship with any form of management or label. Animosity with Geoff Travis and Rough Trade are contributing factors I imagine.
Suppose you're right - I've been wanting to buy those two 7inch boxsets of the early Morrissey singles that came out not too long ago, but it just doesn't seem worth it for the price of them. I've got the old CD singles boxsets that were released in the "cigarette box" type packaging a few years ago, so aside from the artwork in a larger format and a new cover on the box there really is no incentive for the casual collector to buy them.
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