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    Anthrax’s Scott Ian on why he absolutely hates Morrissey’s “Suedehead” - avclub.com

    Excerpt -

    Scott Ian: For me, it just comes down to the most unlistenable sound quality in Morrissey’s voice. I picked that song because I don’t know much about Morrissey’s music but I can’t listen to his voice; it’s unlistenable to me. And I know that it’s one of his bigger songs, so I think most people will be familiar with it.
    It’s just something about his voice that I just can’t listen to it. It’s completely unappealing to my ears; there’s no sound on this planet that is worse than that.

    The A.V. Club: So it’s a musical thing and not that Morrissey, as a person, is annoying to you?

    SI: No. It has nothing to do with him as a person. I don’t know the guy. He could be a wonderful human being. I just don’t like the sound of his voice. I know plenty of guys in bands where I’m not a fan of their band, but I’m friends with them. It has nothing to do with Morrissey. I just can’t stand the actual tone, the pitch, the timbre, whatever other adjectives there are to describe it; it’s completely unappealing to me.

    AVC: Can you explain what it does to you or is it more of an instinctual feeling?

    SI: It just makes me instantly turn off the device that it’s emanating from, as you’d do with any sound that bothers you. It’s just an instinctual move of one of my hands to whatever power button I need to push to stop the sound from assaulting my ears.

    Full article: http://www.avclub.com/articles/anthraxs-scott-ian-on-why-he-absolutely-hates-morr,98299/
    1. mcrickson
    2. Anonymous
      I have much the same visceral reaction when I see a post from Barleycorn.
    3. Uncleskinny
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    4. Girlmostlikely
      I've never knew about this cover. It's not bad, pretty straight forward take musically. The vocals, however are unlistenable in my estimation...sorry! Ha!

      I've never understood how people can have such an aversion to Morrissey's voice. For the longest time i couldn't understand how Morrissey wasn't everyone's favorite singer:blushing:

      The other day I gave a coworker a ride home and she asked me to change the music because she couldn't stand "that man's voice" Really?? Next time take a cab, bitch! :p
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    5. Theordinaryboy
      I thought the same thing! Along with Kristeen Young's voice.
    6. CrystalGeezer
    7. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    8. modrevolve
      something tells me Morrissey isn't sitting around listening to State of Euphoria or I am The Law..
    9. PregnantForTheLastTime
      Dude, it's "Euston," not "Houston." And he sounds like he's trying to sound like he's from there. Never knew about that cover, so thanks.

      Anyway, totally understandable. I feel the same way about certain voices: Delores O'Riordan, Billy Corgan, and, sadly, Joe Jackson.
    10. CrystalGeezer
      Billy Corgan sounds like he's singing through one nostril. I'm with you on that big time. :straightface:
    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "Fame, fame, fatal fame."
    12. King Leer
      King Leer
      I've had a few people over the years say almost exactly the same thing to me about Morrissey's voice.
      It's something you can't argue, really.

      I have a similar reaction to Sting's singing. Off goes whatever device it's emanating from (that made me laugh).

      Despite most people being highly attuned to what kind of singing voice they like, they're often not conscious of it with speaking voices.
      Next time you think "There's something about him/her I just don't like," you could have your answer!
    13. Anonymous
      It's not unreasonable for Scott Ian to feel negative towards Moz's voice. Different Strokes for different folks. He wasn't insulting Morrissey at all. It's just not his cup of tea....it shouldn't be insulting or angering to anyone.

      Personally, I think Brian Setzer's voice is unlistenable (should have made Lee Rocker the lead singer of the Stray Cats. He's a much more capable singer than Setzer).

      Big deal.

      We'll let you know.
    14. Playcat2000
      That's strange, I have the same reaction when I hear an Anthrax song come on the radio. I immediately want to turn it off. Fucking shitty band.
    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Noel Edmonds. He's a strange one.

      To me - to many I would have thought - hearing Suedehead for the first time was when I felt life after The Smiths might just be bearable. A mixture of joy and sheer relief. Great song, great performance.
    16. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      My God, Playcat, we agree on something.

      Anthrax the band are awful, but a little tip for you. Sprinkled on your cereal anthrax itself can be very nice. Try it.
    17. fatboz
      guess we wont see any Moz spottings at an anthrax concert anytime soon
    18. Playcat2000
      Go fuck yourself, Barleyfart. You and I will never agree on anything.
    19. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Ricin Krispies?

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