Who's the oldest moz fan here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2004 (read-only)' started by 36, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. 36

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  2. His mother!
  3. 42

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  4. mozrebel

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    Domestos Salad
  5. Age 41, fan since 1985
  6. > me i am almost 99!
    By the way, you get a "flake" in the ice-cream at my age, at no extra cost!
    Think on that, you young fool!!
  7. You dirty low life culchie!I'm not.
  8. mozrebel

    mozrebel Guest

    No but you look it.
  9. Its a hard life working the streets,you know.
  10. > me i am almost 99!

    Well I was certainly born in 1959, but my maths isn't so good now...so I guess I am around 99 yrs old..(45 Born 18 August 1959) Mind you, the cadbury's flake came in a little later...maybe around 1965 with the Beatles...never mind...That is when we ordered a 99'er...an ice-cream with a flake in basically...anyone remember..apart from me?
  11. sheelagh

    sheelagh Guest

    Lies! Lies!

    Don't worry Domestos, I put the culchie bugger back in his box!

    Anyway, with the polyfilla applied in just the right quantity, neither of us look a day over 47.....

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