Who's Going To See Siouxsie At The Roundhouse, London: Nov 5th?


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Siouxsie did about an hour at the AB in Brussels, and that was well enough, I found. Band misses an edge, the bass is quite underwhelming, the guitar is good but no more than that. There's quite a lot of extra's (synth + effects man) ...

Her voice has lowered a bit, but she's spot on. Much better souding actually than Morrissey's over-nasalised live sound.

From her part, it was a solid performance. Live band ... not impressed.

Mantaray is good in the sense Morrissey's Quarry was good...

I prefer the past. Anyday, anyday, anyday.


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I saw her last night in this tiny tiny place in munich. never ever seen a concert venue this small - I was all the way in the front and it was really great! very short thow - and no support either. and she didn't do "hello I love you either" - I really wanted to hear that! a funny incident was when she gave the security guy standing right in front of her the boot - literally. she told him to piss off and kicked him with her hight heels and called him a dickhead... the guy fled - scared for his life :D


Hey Doug, how ya been??
Hahaha! So the Siouxsie we all know and love is still kicking it (literally!!)...I'm getting far too excited about Monday!! lol :D:D:D:D


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seems Siouxsie's doing at least a limited tour of the US next year-

2.8.08 (Friday)--New York, The Fillmore
2.9.08 (Saturday)--New York, The Fillmore
2.12.08 (Tuesday)--San Francisco, The Fillmore
2.13.08 (Wednesday)--San Francisco, The Fillmore
2.15.08 (Friday)--Hollywood, The Music Box @ Fonda
2.16.08 (Saturday)--Hollywood, The Music Box @ Fonda
2.18.08 (Monday)--Anaheim, House of Blues
2.19.08 (Tuesday)--Anaheim, House of Blues
2.21.08 (Thursday)--San Diego, 4th and B
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