Whooohoooo - I just got my Ventura tickets!!!


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Wow, 7th show....that's very cool! 2 months...it'll go by in NO time at all. ;)
I can NEVER and will NEVER get enough of the man either. Once you start, you can NEVER stop!! :D


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Very cool!! I just found out that my friend hook me up with a ticket for the Hollywood Bowl gig!!
I got my Ventura tix almost two weeks ago, I'm also very excited and don't know why really since I'm also going to Hollywood Bowl and Bakersfield, but for some reason Ventura is the one I'm looking forward to the most. Maybe the size of the venue or the fact that it's GA, who knows, I'll see you there though.

Can't wait to see The Jesus And Mary Chain either, 5 days left till friday. Yay!


well, that's the story of my life..
I got mine a couple of weeks ago too! This show is going to be so great, but I'm surprised it hasn't sold out by now. Maybe it will be even smaller than we anticipate.
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