Who wants to be a millionaire



Did anyone see the celebrity edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” over Christmas? Betty Boothroyd and somebody else had to name the group Ian Broudie was lead singer of with the answers Oasis, Lighting Seeds, the Smiths and New Order.

They did not answer the question and kept the money but they talking about it for ages but unfortunately the sound was muted on my TV as I was playing a board game.

Did anyone see it?
Did Tarrant say anything about the Smiths as he has said before he hated them.
He is a prat who for my money enjoyed soaking children a little too much when he was on Tiswas.

By the way they used the Smiths for the music in the programme about Ricky Gervais and Grant Bovis fighting.

that man is a twat. he has a face i would nevr tire of punching.
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