Who thinks the smiths should reform for a gig


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I think they should do the occasional show just to appease the dedicated fans.

As for a full reformation, new albums and such, it would have to depend on if Johnny can still go like he used to; which hasn't been the case post-Smiths.

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I hope they will never reform... please good lord... don't let that happen!!

Smiths is dead... viva morrissey!!!!!!!!

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You only need listen to Morrissey "Sorrow Will Come In The End" to know this will never happen (as The Smiths full line up, which wouldn't be a proper reunion)

I often wonder what it would be like?? I am only 25 and The Smiths split when I was 4 so obv I never saw em... However my parents didand they often say now that a reformation wouldn't be the same.... but least we still have Morrissey and Johnny Marr (some of his stuff is good)

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