Who thinks oasis are past it.,

Wow.. nice responce. I find it quite sad that to save this generation you only need a laddish fuck off-attitude, some noise from the quitar section and lyrics drained bereft of anything that could be considered intelligent or witty. Then again it might be something to do with being english and that's something I wont even try to understand.
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I was going to sit this one out but... Gem and Andy have influenced the Oasis sound way more than Bonehead and Guigsy ever did. And for that I am glad.
Yeah, just seems to be a difference in preferences. I can't disagree with them having more influence than the originals. I do disagree that it has been a change for the better. I'd have preferred Noel had 95% control/influence in the songs like the old days. Nothing against the current lineup but they just don't write songs that appeal to me like the old stuff as a whole. Like I said, I'm still quite the fan but I'm admittedly a bit more critical of some of the songs now.

I also think Noel is the cat's whiskas. Funny and insightful at times. Unlike Liam, he's quite "aware" and knows when to have a go and when not to. Liam is a great singer but let's face it, he didn't get his full share of grey matter :D


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It is only the presence of Wonderwall that saves the album. Or whatever there is to save anyway.. :straightface:
I beg to differ! Wonderwall is a fine song, but nowhere near their best work. WTSMG is one of the greatest albums ever released! It just flows perfectly from beginning to end as one entity...and Wonderwall definitely doesn't need to save it. You might try listening to some of the WTSMG songs sung by Noel on Unplugged, particularly Cast No Shadow.
I'm in the US, and it really bothers me when people find out I'm a huge Oasis fan and they tell me something like, "Yeah, Wonderwall's a great song." I want to slap them because Wonderwall isn't their best song and it isn't even a proper representation of Oasis' music! And if you're going to site a single from that album as their best song, you should at least say Don't Look Back in Anger. It is a religious experience hearing that live (at least for this individual who used to believe she was the American, female, teenage Noel Gallagher).
I stand by my belief that most bands only wish they could produce songs as good as Oasis' 90s b-side work. If only Noel had saved some of those for albums...


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They're bored and it shows I think.
I don't think they're bored as much as I think they want to do something different, or at least show they can do something different other than the "Oasis" sound. They've been trying to prove this for the last 10 years, and it backfires every time. Of course, I'm a fan of all of their albums, some more than others. There are good songs on every album, and many other songs that had(ve) the potential to be good.
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