who should be banned from solo

so those of us who go on Moz tour for weeks at a time with the possibility of no internet access, get punished? :tears:
I, too, am 'gutted'.

I'd like to see Jukebox Jury banned.
Re: huh?

Excuse me, currrently all the moderators are heterosexuals, not homosexuals.

NRitH and Guide Dog, why don't you say Kewpie?

You hate me so much, but you're gutted because you can't make me get banned.

No you're right. You shouldn't be banned. You should instead realise that you're rubbish at moderating & give it up all by yourself.

Jukebox Jury forever!
This site needs some African-American lesbian moderators. "and until that day..."
i <3 boobies
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