Who remembers Edward Barton?


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I saw this live on The Tube, and was gobsmacked. He did another song called Me And My Mini, but alas, no clip as yet.

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Amazing i was just thinking about him the other day. When shopping at Aflex palace in Manchester during the 90s i came across a stall selling home made T shirts with clever amusing things written on them. The girl on the counter said they were all made by Edward Barton. I bought one with 3 fish in a circle on the front and the title 2 fish follow 1 fish. It was a beautiful item. Gone long ago unfortunatly. Got a pic of me in it somewhere.


Saw him quite a few times, though it was a long time ago. In February he played at the 'Shangri-La' which is a monthly night we have on here in North Manchester. I had to catch an early morning flight, so didn't go.

Edward was always seen out and about in Manchester with his dog. Long before the cafe culture and smokers seats outside bars, he could be seen sat outside with his dog perched on his knee. In the late 80's I used to see him in the Hacienda quite a lot, and would chat with him sometimes. He was always alone. He usually talked about working with wood.

The dog is great...

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