Who Lives Inside Morrisseys Old House?


I Can't Ever Understand?!
384 Kings Road?
im thinking of going down there after the bike ride / gig etc,
just to see it really,
i was just wondering if i could just take a few pictures outside and just ask a few locals as im creating a whole documentary tomorrow about it.

Gin N Tonic Jil

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a while back there was something on bbc.co.uk regarding this, some woman now lives there and i think she found some stuff in between the wallpaper right over morrisseys bedsit. go there and you shall find it.:)


Has Forgiven Jesus
Oh wow I thought this had been knocked down years ago! That is good to know. What bus goes nearby, I will be in Manchester soon!


If you buy a copy of "Panic on the streets" by Phill Gatenby, you'll find about The Smiths and Morrissey related locations. ;)
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