Who is your solo crush?

I wasn't going to say anything and keep it secret like other people on here :cool: (lol) but I got over my embarrassment. I figure, hey, we didn't really meet online though the normal methods of online dating which is creepy...we developed a relationship through our obsession of Morrissey..which actually sounds creepier..hahahahahaha:D

Moz is da bomb that brings us together! :guitar:

So, what was his handle on solo!? He keeps a toothbrush at your house, you should know his user name. Ha!

I'd be in trouble if my dh was a Moz fan too. How would our lives have been different? Besides, further lack of priorites!! =o)
chica 4ever crimes always crimes is pretty hott paris looks hot see you in b'ham crimes smiffy + crimes! the ginger one out of s&g what does dmw mean?
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