Who is your solo crush?

That's hot.

I've had two dreams about oye terence. :o:p there, I said it (he already knew :p)

not that this is related at all to what those dreams may or may not be out about.i just like this gif.:p

My latest erotic dream involved


You don't know who he is, so I'm not embarrassed to share it :rolleyes: :p
Hmmm - maybe Teeth - I just love a man with a beard.....
I have a crush on Kewpie. We'd have a great life together, slamming doors, hanging up on each other, screaming and throwing things,:mad: :gun: :angry: and then making up. :eek: :sweet: :horny:
chica 4ever crimes always crimes is pretty hott paris looks hot see you in b'ham crimes smiffy + crimes! the ginger one out of s&g what does dmw mean?
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