Who ARE these people?


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I reconise most of the bands except for those featured in the British singles category.

The list is kind of boring though.
Maroon 5 international? Yes i realise this is a UK award show and they are American but if you are doing such a broad scope millions of bands ought to shut those boring trolls out of the list.


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It is just the British music industry promoting the British music industry - very little to do with tallent or originality, I'm afraid.

Here's hoping that Kate Bush and PJ Harvey win their categories.

And that Blur refuse to turn up to collect their retirement gongs.

My old mucker Val ( R.I.P) used to LOVE watching the Brits....she'd turn in her urn if she had to sit through that load of of wadscollop...Ollie fecking muirs for example, seems to have based an entire musical career on the crappier "Madness" singles B-sides...and I do hope Kate Bush turns up and decks Florence RIGHT in her fecking Machine....

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Forget my fate.
On the other hand Anna Calvi and Laura Marling are incredibly talented.
Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Elbow and The Vaccines are not that bad either... :rolleyes:
Granted, there are some terrible ones nominated but not everyone on that list is awful.
Far from it.


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Criticising The Brits is a bit like shagging your dead grandmother. Pointless.

But it is worthy of murderous criticism

And when were the golden years of the Brits? Apart from Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood, Jonathan The Nonce King producing the show and Jarvis Cocker's arse antics which history has proven bumfluff. Innocent until proven guilty I say. Unlike Dr Bubbles or Paul Gadd

BDO Darts is shit
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