Poll Which studio version (aside from RWA) from BOT are you most anticipating?

Which track?

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Not sure how much the studio versions will differ from the live versions we've already heard, but yeah. Which studio version are you looking forward to hearing the most?

Diana Dors followed closely by My Funeral for me.
Kerouac's crack has some of the most disappointing lyrics of his career, but the tune entered my head and I love it. I don't know why. Usually these lazy efforts are just irritating.
Ha Ha Harlem - I believe this one has been held back because of the Iggy Pop feature. Like with Bobby on IANADOAC, this would be hard to recreate within a live setting.

From what we know, this one is powered by a roaring instrumental, so has all the makings of a standout on Side A of the LP.

Anyone with inside knowledge of the studio tracks care to comment? We’re starved of insight out here!
"I Ex-Love You", because Sam said it had an unmistakable Smiths sound and implied it was deliberate i.e a dig at Johnny. I hope it isn't a bitchfest but am expecting more along the lines of the open letter.
"Oblivion" because I love the live version and it's a brilliant metaphor for his own career. (I don't mean that in a snide way.)
nice to see Saint get the most votes so far, since it’s currently being panned by a few in the recent thread, are they wrong? Yes these things are subjective, though Saint is a beauty to me.
This album has had such a hard time. It should not exist.
the orphaned child nobody wanted. And now that Capitol has full custody, only time will tell.
There really hasn’t been a song off BOT that resonates with me on any level, of the ones we’ve heard so far. Maybe one of the 4 we haven’t heard will? Who knows.
Ive kind of moved on passed it, since he’s already announced WMTWD and co-writing with Alain. I have a feeling it will be a far superior album
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