Which Song Do You Have Stuck In Your Head?

Wings of a Dove - Madness.

Love PTxx.
Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson
Why can I be you-The Cure
Is this thread for other artists exclusively or can it include Smiths/Moz as well?

If it's the latter, then it would be 'Boxers'. :thumb:

I'm extremely impressionable when it comes to music: I only have to hear a song once or twice for it to haunt me for the next few days (provided it's got a decent tune). :D
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Sheriff and the Ravels - Shombolar

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you've got to think zinc, think, think-a, think-a, think-a, think-a, think-a... aaaahhh!


Think Zinc by "T-Rex"
Adam & The Ants - Beat My Guest

Immense track!
Julie - Take That.

I love Mark Owen.:guitar:
"Out Here All Night" by Damone. . .I've been doing blip.fm all night and rediscovered it. A rocker!

It's Not Unusual By Tom Jones

This happens every month
Last night it was the theme from Love Boat. Some of my softball team mates were signing it in the outfield at my game last night and debating which lyrics were correct for at least an hour. :squiffy::crazy:

Today, Ammunition is stuck in my head. Better than Love Boat for sure.
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