Which of these 'epic" songs do you prefer ?

Which of these "epic' Morrissey tracks do you prefer ?

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I would have picked Late Night if I didn't see Speedway played as set closer at his last gig of his last tour ever. more epic than that?


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A very difficult choice. "Late Night," wins. :thumb:

zulu sierra

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Where is Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils?
I sort of only chosen MY favourite epic songs..I actually tried hard to like "Teachers" but did not succeed :mad:

On scond thought perhaps I should have added "It's not your birthday anymore" to the poll :D


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Late Night, Maudlin Street ......Speedway, I will be cheeky and have BOTH;)

Poppy Full

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Maudlin Street gets my vote, but Southpaw would be a close second.
I just don't 'get' Life Is A Pigsty at all, shame on me, I know. :(
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