Which Morrissey or Smiths song has your favorite conclusion?

Justin Playfair

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Which Morrissey or Smiths song has your favorite conclusion? In the final ten, fifteen, twenty seconds what is your favorite conclusion?

Off the top of my head my three picks are....

#3) "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle" by Morrissey. I Love the way he sings "kick the bride down the aisle, and treasure the day." Very dramatic and frankly, completely convincing.

#2) "You Have Killed Me" by Morrissey. Damn, the whole song is great but the powerful closing makes it even five times better.

#1) "Ammunition" by Morrissey. "No space or time in my life, anymore, for revenge." I wasn't expecting the last two words and then it ends so abruptly. A magnificent ending to a song, both lyrically & musically.


well i do like the way speedway concludes but id probably have to pick a smiths song of some sort. marr once said he wrote outros first and then worked backwards so that probably helped a bit. hand in glove is a good one as i just love that riff and harmonica outro. thank you marr and porter


Such A little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
Will Never Marry (b-side version)
I know It's Over
I Won't Share You
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