Which is the most racist: Morrissey or The Simpsons?

Which is the most racist: Morrissey or The Simpsons?

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If you were to watch the recent episode of The Simpsons and went on Google and searched 'Is Morrissey racist?', you'd be confronted by a page of articles on Morrissey being racist.

Morrissey should do some serious pr work. He should do an honest interview with someone that isn't a friend and he definitely shouldn't do an interview with himself. If I interviewed him I'd ask about things he has said while on stage and in interviews after while showing him those things on a screen.

So, will Morrissey's legacy be, 'Morrissey was racist'?

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
When The Simpsons were first big over here {Great Britain} back in the glorious '90s, í remember even then thinking that you would not get away with the casual Apu mockery on a British comedy show of the time. Same thing when we eventually got to see Letterman, and the easy, casual mocking of Indian people for cheap laughs.

Obviously it took a couple of decades for the Apu 'bomb' to go off in the States, but could it not be that it's nice and handy to highlight big {fat} bad Adolf Moz right now to distract a little from their own lengthy and ingrained unthinking racist mockery?
Let's imagine if M. had done "Bengali in Platforms" in a 'funny' accent...?

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