Which is Morrissey's worst album cover?

Which is Morrissey's worst album cover?

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Maurice E

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There have been quite a few comments (not all of them flattering) about the Swords cover. But how does it compare to the others?
So, a quick poll to establish the worst album cover (which has a photo of S Morrissey).
Here goes...

I wouldn't say 'Swords' sleeve photo is worst, but my least favourite Morrissey album cover.

Hopefully Morrissey's next release will have a nice photo.
Maladjusted Reissue is the only one I honestly dislike. I think it's the pants.

(Excluding the original Southpaw of course, but I like to think that one's a given. After all, it wasn't one of the choices!)
oops, clicked the wrong one. Maladjusted (original) si what a should have voted not kill uncle.
YOR because of the child and the awful airbrushing.
followed closely by original Maladjusted.

The original southpaw grammar, because it is rubbish and doesn't fit in with the rest of his solo releases.
I agree with this. 'Swords' is far from excellent, but I think the original 'Southpaw' has it beat in this case.
Maladjusted is pretty dire, but the Viva Hate reissue deserves a special mention for being that much worse than the original. Why did they bother?
Witgout question the original cover of Maladjusted.

It makes him look like he's aspiring to be a minor character in Friends.

The original Maladjusted cover is crap, but I did really like the reissued version's new cover.
Kill uncle is worst at all, IMO.

The set list could be save only for 4 songs.. but the cover is horrible....
I do believe that Moz wasn't inspired when he made this album.
I'm very glad that something like that never happened once again.
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