Where's all the vinyl collectors

The marketplace and collectors corner has dried up over the last few months, always liked coming on here to see if anyone was selling any vinyl. For what it's worth i'm still looking for a few bits:

Stop me if you think, Aussie & Dutch 12"
What difference does it make French 12"
Morrissey Certain people i know 7" promo
Our frank 7" promo
Sing Your life 7" promo
Irish Blood 7" clear vinyl
There is a light French 7"
This Charming Man Greek 7"
I have a TCM Greek 7". Not sure what I want for it yet, but open to offers.

Hard to know what the going rate is for one of those, seldom seen now thats for sure. (except the only on eBay for £342.99 which is just ridiculous). Hit me with your vaulation and we can work around that.
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