Where now for Morrissey?



Orchestral Album... Would love to to se him do an orchestral album of original songs and maybe a bonus disc of songs redone orchestrally like Trouble Love's Me ,Come Back To Camden etc and one off gig at Royal Albert Hall.

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That was such a kick in the nuts when he put AYNIM and THPGU on Greatest Hits in 2008 then put them on YOR the next year.

Well, that’s where great songs belong.



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When it becomes possible again, undertake a long theater tour (no arenas please) with residencies in cities where he can sell out several nights and some off-the-beaten track places. A career-spanning setlist with some acoustic versions of older songs each night.

In the meantime, I would like him to adopt many cats that can console him and find some place he can call home.


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I think from his perspective though, especially with the sad death of his Mother, he maybe has little else in life to focus on, apart from making music. If he stopped making music then it may have a disastrous effect on him.

This is an interesting thought. I remember him writing at the time of his mother's death that she was the motivational force behind all the good in him, and it made me wonder if he would still have the stamina and will to make music afterwards. Maybe he needs new songs to express his feelings about this loss, music / recording as a therapy.

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Ok, I keep trying to get discussion going on here, with success on some, not so much on others. Sadly a lot of time ends up getting wasted arguing with 2 or 3 tossers, but I do my best.

So, where do people think Morrissey’s career is heading now? He hasn’t got a record deal as far as I know, he’s a media pariah because of the ‘woke’ left, so many probably won’t want to sign him & let’s face it, he isn’t getting any younger.

Do people think he’ll release any more albums? The last one was one of his best for a while, so it could be a good place to bow out?

I assume he will find a label.
Technology has made a lot of things VERY cheap (I mean recording an album, filming promotional videos, etc). So he is a good opportunity for a lot of labels, specially mid-sized ones.


Yeah according to Spotify back on the chain gang is his fifth most played song so it’s not like he doesn’t have people listening to his newer stuff. It’s a weird unpredictable moment for arts and culture so it’s hard to say what the landscape will look like even next year but I think he’ll find a place to release music and god willing start touring. I do think he should do more press


To object to Morrissey actively promoting far-right politics and declaring that he prefers his own race, you don't have to be woke. You just have to be not a total twat. The career-low sales for Dog were nothing to with the quality of the album - it's one of his best for years. Its to do with a British radio boycott, particularly the BBC who continue to playlist all his peers from the 1980s, and even Cliff Richard (aged 80)'s new single.
The live shows can continue indefinitely albeit to a considerably reduced audience. If he wants a decent record deal, and to have new songs played on BBC, ever again, he needs to apologise for his unbelievable political stupidity/naivety of 2018/2019 and retract his unambiguous support for far right politics whether that's Tom Robinson or For Britain. If he doesn't, the downward trajectory continues. The ball is entirely in his court.

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🙄 He didn't say he preferred his own race.

And if the BBC bans all the celebrities who endorsed dubious politicians these days they're going to have a lot of gaps to fill in their schedules.
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